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Welcome to your running and trail running Race Calendar!!

Whether you are a serious runner making the Comrades Ultra Marathon look like a 21km run, or a novice runner who loves the outdoors and a break of sweat at dawn, you are at the right place.


Comrades Marathon, South Africa

In order for Race Calendar to provide you with a comprehensive calendar of running and trail running races, we are dependent on race organisers to provide us with detail of their race events, though we also take the time ourselves to source race detail.

Running and Trail Running races being published on this website are internally labelled with a race detail status, which will affect the amount of detail you can browse about a particular race:

  • BRONZE – These races have very limited detail.  Race Calendar has published the race detail in the same state it was acquired from the relevant running or trail running affiliate.
  • SILVER – These are races for which we, Race Calendar, was able to acquire additional detail about the race, either through research or the particular race organiser that has responded on our request for additional race detail.
  • GOLD – These are races for which we, Race Calendar, was able to acquire most of the race detail, including facebook, twitter, google+ and video links. Where available, route maps and route elevation maps are also published.


Comrades Ultra Marathon 1 - running - www.raceCalendar.co.za


Road running or trail running races are not just in existence to qualify for the bigger events like the Comrades Ultra Marathon or Two Oceans Half Marathon events etc, but to provide you with the opportunity to get away from the week’s buzz, firing up all cylinders in your body, getting blood flow running and enjoying the entertainment and festive atmosphere with friends, your loved ones…and even fellow runners.

Ultra Marathon 1 - running - www.raceCalendar.co.zaWhether you have a love for competition and taking on the very fit, or simply the desire tosweat it out, enjoy nature and everything she can through at you whilst making new friends, this website is for you.  Stay up to date with race detail by viewing Race Calendar’s extensive race calendar for events in your region.

Popular Road Running Races

Popular Trail Running Races


In addition we will bring you information about‚ race training programs, dietary insight etc to make your experience on this website even more satisfactory.

We know that Rome was not built in a day, and the same is true when you have one of the bigger events in your aim.  We are also familiar with the term ‘baby steps’.  Therefore we know that the build-up to a big event, whether road cycling, mountain biking, road running or trail running, preparation comprises, amongst other things, the following:

Strength & fitness

Get your strength and fitness levels up to a point which will allow you to not only do longer distances, in shorter times, but also to complete these longer distances with greater ease.

The easier a long distance run or cycling event gets, the more enjoyable it becomes at the same time.  With the assistance of running and cycling expertise of those who have medals to show and knowledge to share, we as Race Calendar would like to help you in your training and strengthening efforts through upcoming strengthening programs, fitness training programs, tips etc.

Diet & Supplements

We all know that a good diet is key to general healthy bodies.  Engaging all cylinders when training or taking part in a running or cycling race, requires a healthy and well supplemented body, to not only complete long distances but also to prevent bodies from breaking down because of insufficient dietary needs.

Race Calendar will strive to give you expert dietary insight and supplement information to help you look after that amazing healthy body of yours.

Equipment & Accessories

Whether road running or trail running is your thing, not all of us can be named a ‘Zola Budd’ when running, so most of us will prefer some kind of a shoe-like object between our feet and the road when taking on a running event.

At the same token not all of us riders like fixing punchers or reach down for a sip of H2O whilst in a race.

Some great accessories are on the market to assist you in your exercises to track progress or simply ease your running or cycling experience.

Race Calendar will consult with some accessory suppliers and together with them, get you up to speed with the latest in running and cycling accessories / gadgets. Who knows, hopefully we will be able to even offer you access to these products at discounted prices.