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Sep 13, 2018
We gladly share negative feedback from users with our response to clear up issues / questions you as a user of our app might have. We believe that all things take time to mature and our newly release app is no different and therefore encourage feedback.

Feedback from user:
Bad 🙁
For an app you have to pay for this is not well thought out design. There is a race on the 11 Nov in central gauteng Alberton but is not on your list. How many more are not on. The sad thing is I paid my R49. I have also registered the app yet it keeps asking me to register.

Race Calendar reply:
…You mentioned two issues:

1. Missing race for 11 November:
We obtained the latest race information from ASA 2 weeks prior to releasing the app. I spoke to a race organiser this morning who was also saddened by the fact that the admin from ASA and affiliates leaves MUCH room for improvement as there are constantly discrepencies with dates, race cancellations etc, it creates a headache for organisers and obviously runners as well.
We at Race Calendar thus believe that 95% of all races are listed correctly on our system but as we are not ASA, we are ultimately not in charge of race related information and can simply drive our system off their information.
Hopefully in the future this problem will be sorted out from an ASA process.

2. Registration of app.
Again, this is the first release of the app and thus the registration is currently an implementation which is a manual process from our side, hence you don’t get logged into the system yet, but your registration is noted on our side.
A full registration / login module is planned for the next release where once logged in, the system will show you as logged in, with the REGISTER feature then not visible.
This is also the reason why the registration fee is only R49 right now.

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