Marathon Running Calendar

Having a Running Calendar helps you prepare for that much anticipated marathon you want to run., I know, simply having a Running Calendar, listing marathon and other running events will NOT get you off the couch, away from the TV or out of your slippers. You need to cross those bridges yourself. BUT, when you get to that point where you are standing in your brand new Running shoes and price tag still on your Running shirt, the road to Running a Marathon may seem quite a long, uphill personal battle.

As the saying goes: “Rome was not build in a day”. The same is true for Running a Marathon. It makes me think of when I was still a youngster and the road to our holiday destination seemed like a Marathon in itself. That was, till we got to our grand parants in Bloemfontein, crossed the dam wall at Gariep, passing a very hot Cradock, crawled over the Olifantshoek pass and finally being first to observe the blue waters of the ocean, all of which made the trip felt a bit shorter. All of those milestones, made the Marathon trip to Jeffreys Bay so much shorter.

Running a Marathon starts at the first step you take in those sparkling new Running shoes. Having a personal Running Calendar may perhaps first be milestones such as completing a 3km run. Two weeks later ru
running shoes running marathon a 5km route. Your Running Calendar will gradually improve in distances and personal goals and the Running Calendar will soon fill up with new milestones as your feet start settling in your Running shoes and price tag on your Running shirt gets like toilet paper after a couple of sweaty affairs…on the road I may add.

Sooner than later you will start browsing for Running races which you can partake in. However, as I found out, Running is still the most popular sporting event, if we take the amount of Running races compared to other disiplines. Thus, having a one stop Running Calendar giving you the minimum information you need about upcoming Running races will make your life so much easier to get closer to your first Marathon.

Race Calendar is exactly that. Via our website you will find a very easy to use, Running Calendar. This Running Calendar is organised in such a way that you can search for Running races, according to the ASA Afiliate geographic regions. The Running Calendar starts at the top, listing Running races that are specially mentioned, after which the entire year’s Running race events are listed, starting at January at the top, downhill to December. So whether it be a Fun Run, Half Marathon or Marathon you need more information about, make the Running Calendar website your preferred stop.

Below are links to all the ASA Affiliate Running Calendar pages, or simply use the Running menu option on our website at to navigate to the respective Running Calendar pages.

I trust this reading has at least inspired you to get into your Running gear. If so, well let us know how you are progressing. If still on the couch, well, at least you turned your attention to our Running Calendar at whilst having a couch Marathon, and for that you earn yourself an ice cream and chocolate sauce.

If you have any suggestions for things we could add to the Running Calendar to make it your Running Calendar of choice, please do contact us at

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